Thursday, May 22, 2008

blurkers delight

check it out peeps ... over there ... on the right.

thats "the verve" .... wasnt that a band?
well this isnt the band, or the song, or whatever it is i am thinking about
this is a pretty neat website (yes, i said 'neat')

i got an email today when i got home from my "business trip" to LA. yes, i'm that cool.
today i am into confirming already known information, and using "quotations"

ok ... so back to the email ... it said, "we found your blog, and you should join our site!!!"
(no, it didnt really have 3 exclamation points, but i felt it should, because, hey, i deserve them)
once before i'd been invited to another "blogging world". it was for NBA fans. since i love the suns, and i had at one point thought about taking that love to another level via the blog, they were interested. and suddenly, inexplicably, i was no longer interested. so, i stopped blogging about my boys in orange, and i didn't join the NBA blogging world.

but "the verve" is just a map .... im sure it has other features that i will learn about - but i literally just joined 5 minutes ago, so give me some time. anyway its this map that plots registered bloggers. so, for example, i of course wanted to see if anyone was blogging their hearts out in ireland (land of my heart, ancestors, soul ... etc) and it was just like zooming in on any map, and i could see there was indeed bloggers .... and i could read all their blogs!

this is going to bring BLURKING to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!!!! (yes, i really am that excited)

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