Wednesday, May 14, 2008

writers block

ive been unable to write. literally. i honestly cannot believe i am even typing this sentence.
but maybe once i start, i will get back on track.

im in south carolina right now, in a town call Lancaster. its a sweet little town, and all the people are real nice (and i think i typed that in a southern accent, for those of you who care). i am here for training - and i feel like i am getting a lot information. but i do want to go home.

of course, given my travel history with humana, my flight was canceled out of las vegas. so, i eneded up leaving 4 hours later that expected. i figure since there are 70% change of t-storms tomorrow night, i probably wont be leaving on time ... if i do, it'll be a miracle.

while checking the weather for the airport tomorrow, i checked vegas's 10 day forcast... and on sunday we are going to be 101. saturday, 99 - but i'll bet we break 100. maybe i should see if me and nathan can move to south carolina where its in the 70s still???ill run that by nathan and see what he thinks.

.......on a completely unrelated note......ive got serious baby fever.
.......and yet, another completely unrelated note .... theres a lein on the house, so we wont be closing for a while. mucho upsetting, but it is what it is. we have to wait for a clean title.

so i guess then thats all i really have to say. i just wish i could blog my little heart out like usual. but im sure ill get back into it .... lets hope .... because what would we all do if there were no more "this is my blog" .... it would be a sad, sad world.

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