Wednesday, June 04, 2008


i am not feeling very motivated to work right now. i have a lot to blog about (with pictures) so i thought if maybe i got some of it off my chest (the stuff that doesnt have pictures) I would be able to work more effectively.

so - whats going on, you say??? a lot.? for example - today nathan calls me to tell me our soon to be new house is part of the former owners bankruptcy filing with a Michigan judge.? the case isn't set to be released til July 4th. That means - we can't sign papers til then. I AM LIVING OUT OF BOXES!!!! doesnt anyone care??? i wanted to cook this weekend, and i had to un pack MULTIPLE boxes to get the stuff i needed. it was so frustrating. but im just going to stay calm (obviously - did you see those CAPS), and smile, and think that maybe in July i can have my freaking life back.

what else is goin on?? we are getting ready for a camping trip to Montrose, Colorado. and i am trying to find a place where Kim and I can go kayaking. we thought it sounded fun. but i'm having some issues with my research. i also looked into hotels in the area - should kim and i decide to bone out on the whole 'camping' idea and move on to bigger and better things - ie SPA DAY!!

speaking of spa days, I am going to Scottsdale for a couple of days for work and staying at the Fairfield Princess something or other. and just from a quick glance, it looks fabulous. I might have to partake in some spa-ing while there. i always picture myself in a big comfy white robe (ala the robe i got for christmas from Matt and Kelly ... mmmm) with little slippers on. a green face mask and cucumbers on my face. someone massaging my hands and arms to release the tension. but really what happens is i show up - very nervous and anxiety ridden (par for the course), and then take off my clothes for a massage, and wonder for the first 50 minutes if the masseuse thinks im too fat for a massage - and end up only enjoying the last 10 minutes. yup. thats how it goes down. but each time i swear it'll be different next time.

i am going to work for a bit .. see if this little blogityblog helped ... if not. i have more stories. and ill be back.

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NateDee said...

If you "bone out" and go to a hotel in Montrose, I will flippity flip my lid and leave you stranded. :) You are gonna camp and LOVE IT!!