Monday, August 04, 2008

i finished new moon today. i started it this morning at work. and yes, i read it all day at work.
i had 70 pages left at 6 when my mum picked me up for boot camp.
then at 745 when i got home, nathan said "theres a show on the nauvoo temple at 8, want to watch?" how could i feel good about myself and say "no, i have to read about a teenage girl in love with a vampire, and who is best friends with a werewolf, and who is on the verge of being killed everytime i turn around, and these two MYTHICAL creatures have to constantly save her - really, i dont have time for family home evening with you tonite"
well, i couldnt feel good about that, so i watched an hour episode about President Hunter (the guide got the show wrong), and then promptly read the remainding pages of the second book. and of course, read the first chapter of the third - which is so nicely placed at the back of the book, just enough to make me want MORE.
and so here i sit - wishing that borders was open till 11, not 10, so i could go and get the third book.
(yes i am that melodramtic)

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