Saturday, August 02, 2008

look. im just going to come right out and say it.

i read twilight. tonight. all night. i just finished. i had to pee for 350 pages, and i didnt care. i held it til the end.

i have no idea what time i started. but i know it is now 330 am and i wish i could go to a bookstore and buy the second book.

HOLY SMOKES - WALMART IS OPEN!!! nathan would flip if i left for walmart right now. gosh, thats really funny to me. i am going to seriously consider this while i write this little blog.

first of all - my fab sister in law debs read these books and told me all about them and how great they are. and i was like .... sure they are. i mean their about vampires, how can that not be a good read??? (and yes thats completely sarcastic) THEN kelly told me how much she loved the book. PEOPLE. REALLY?! VAMPIRES?!
THEN my 12 year old cousin emails me to tell me how excited she is that her FAVORITE series is being turned into a movie. HOLY SMOKES!
even kimberly blogged about it.
ben told me i should read the books - they are pretty good. its a love story. so on and so forth. blah blah blah. i REFUSED. not like, "meh, maybe i will someday". no. i told myself i would never read this book. sometimes, that is how i am. i just dont want to do what everyone else is doing. and thats that.
cut to thursday: my coworker says "did i tell you i bought a book for my daughter, and then read it myself before i gave it to her?" i laughed and said no. and i asked which book. we have similar reading tastes - so i figured i might like it. imagine my suprise when she says - twilight. and that she couldn't put it down.
i told i havent read it, didnt want to read it. it was just one of those things.
apparently - she didnt care, and walked in this morning and put on my desk "just in case".
sick. thats what she is ... sick.

because now - i want to go to walmart at now FOUR AM to buy the next book. thats how much i liked it. congratulations all you twilight people - im on the bandwagon. i feel like a lemming. but a very happy lemming, who is kinda in love with the vampire guy too. but, dont tell anyone. 'cause thats weird.


Annie said...

You gave in! How could you! I am still a vehement anti-Twilighter. I will not do it!

Ben and Debbie said...

Yay! I told you they'd suck you in! No pun intented. :) I'm glad you've enjoyed them. Eclispe is my favorite, wait till you read that one! See you soon! I can't wait.