Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i love today ... everyday

i love the today show. i watch it every morning. i fall asleep each night with the remote control literally next to my head. i wake up in the morning, and i reach for it, knowing its exact position - i dont even open my eyes. i turn on the tele and listen to and watch matt, meredith, ann and al relate to me all the happening ons. i love their feel good stories of triumph and family. and i especially love their quirky ways ...

so when "nie nie day" happened, i emailed the today show. and i said, you probably have already heard about this story, but just in case ... its an amazing tale of the blogger community. and you should do a clip about it.

well they didnt email me back, so they didnt pick up the story from me. none the less - the story was picked up. and yesterday i heard cjane speak. it was totally weird. because i really think she should sound just like i sound in my head.

the end of this story is that i am just so impressed with the love that has outpoured for the nielsons, and that it should come from a bunch of bloggers (and some of them blurkers). and that is it. the end.

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