Saturday, September 20, 2008

if you dont watch TAPS, this post wont be funny. probably.

today nathan and i went to the home show at cashman field. it really wasnt that great. but while i sat and ate a hot dog, and nathan a burger, i read the list of vendors - an lo and behold Roto Rooter has a booth!

now, blog, im sure you already know - i love the show TAPS. ive been watching for a couple of years now (it started back in the u.t., so thats a while) .... and again, as i am sure you know, the guys from TAPS are roto rooter guys during the day time when they arent hunting ghosts.

logical thought: maybe TAPS is at this home show

i asked nathan what he would do if they were here, and he said he'd ask the bald guy (jason) why he wont tell people their houses are hau ... but then i interrupted, because i had something funny to say:

"I'd ask Brian why he always screws everything up"

(brian of TAPS)

and then we laughed really hard, i even snorted. nayhan bet me i wouldnt do it. so i PINKY SWORE i would (knowing of course, it didnt matter, because TAPS WASNT THERE) and then i said, "i'd say, brian why do you always screw things up. like that time you forgot to bring the chairs to the light house. what did you think people would sit on?!?" and we laughed some more.

and then nathan got to finish his sentence "id ask the bald guy why he doesnt tell people their houses are haunted. i mean, if he is afriaid of the "h" word, thats a problem. its how he makes a living!!"

then i reminded nathan, he does have plumbing to fall back on.

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