Saturday, October 04, 2008

rotten tomatoes farewell

nathan insists on viewing movies only after they have received a high "fresh tomato" rating on ... i have not seen many a movie that i really wanted to see because it didnt have a high enough precentage.
i dont make a habit of reading reviews - i like to go into the theater without any preconceived notions. especially the notions of some fatty film critic who's probably upset he didnt get enough butter on his popcorn.
this doesnt, however, stop nathan from reading reviews, and telling me about them. and then he determines which movies we see. literally. no, im not kidding, blog (and dont let any comments nathan makes on this blog make you believe otherwise). i have little, to no say when it comes to theater movie viewing.
back to my point ... we went to see nick and norah's infinite playlist. if you are like me, and dont want to go see it with preconceived notions - stop reading ... now.
rotten tomatoes gave it a 70%+ rating. that is pretty high. so, since both nathan and i wanted to see it anyway - and rotten tomatoes gave us the go ahead - we headed out on friday night....
only to be completely disappointed
it was only 90 minutes - but it felt like for-ev-er. literally, it was like some teenager who hasnt quite grasped the meaning of succint story telling was giving me a minute by minute, play by play of his or her night (i dont gender discriminate).
and yup. i could have done without the "i just had my first orgasm" scene. did i really need that for plot development? maybe it was just to show me that their love was really true. because we all know that films showing a woman orgasming also are about the real life love that people experience outside of the movies. right?
so yup. the movie was slow. it was boring. it wasn't funny enough. overall ... lame.
and i will never trust rotten tomatoes again. how many movies have i missed seeing because of this flawed system??? what hilarious lines could i be quoting today, had i just seen the movie in which it was first said??
nathan, this i write to you: from here on out, we see what i want to see. we dont defer to some random webpage that gives faulty information. i hear you trying to defend the site, and i dont care. it FAILED us. goodbye rotten tomatoes.

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Ben Dee said...

You go, Nicki! Don't let him push you around! Bully!!