Sunday, November 30, 2008

so ... since i just left the bathroom, and my eyes are still swollen (because that is what happens when i am "sick") ... i thought i would just tell you:

my last blog post was the most stupid blog post of all posts ever. i don't need to read all the posts in the world to know that this statement is true.

i completely and totally jinxed myself. before my post, i had simply felt some nausea. no real sickness. however, after my post, i have had to run and find a toilet or tree on multiple occasions (i dont make a habit of puking on trees, forgive me mother nature).

i just wanted to share how unbelievably silly i was in proclaiming my amazing stomach and its strength to hold in ALL that ate before my first trimester was over ....

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Amy said...

I'm so sorry! It stinks feeling like that. It's the worst being constantly starving but feeling like you could hurl at any moment. Hang in there, it will all go away.