Sunday, November 16, 2008


so much has happened lately. and im incapable of keeping a secret for too long, so i refrained from blogging .... but first some updates.
as per usual - we went to disneyland for my birthday. it was a fabulous three days. we even spent an evening in newport and got a great surf and turf dinner. we walked on the beach for about 30 seconds, until nathan thought people (fbi?) were spying on us from their balcony. nathan is not synonymous with romantic. meh.
we rode all the rides, ate too much, and overall had a fabulous time.
the next week ben and debs, the kids, and nathan parents all came down for a few days. and that was great. with all the children, we had 10 people in our house. so to say the least i was stressed out. but i love em, so it was worth it ;o). we had a picnic in the park, went to the childrens museum, and did some art projects. ben and debs and us went to fright dome at the circus circus. and i was thoroughly freaked out of chainsaws and slept HORRIBLE afterwards.
i have pictures from both events listed above, but still no camera chord to upload - so nathan will be going to best buy to hook a sistah up.
i got a new job. remember this boss? well he moved to a new carrier, and asked me to join him. so i went. its closer to home, more moolah, and really, whats not to like about that?
and lets see ...... what else, blog? oh yes. im pregnant.
:o) the end :o)


Annie said...

Oh yeah, and just a little side note....I'M PREGNANT? Hahaha! Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so exciting! Congrats you guys, are you so excited?!

Amy said...

Wow! Congrats!

Kim Miller said...

THAT'S SO GREAT! Way to build up the suspense!! :) Hopefully we'll be starting a family soon too... we burnt the first pancake. ;)