Tuesday, December 09, 2008

goodbye spanx

I am officially 3 months pregnant ( i know ... right ... it feels like ive been pregnant for a BILLION years already ), and per doctor's orders, i cannot wear my beloved spanx any longer.

some women, they wear their spanx on special occasions - to make that dress look just right (aka make her tummy look just right in that dress). but for me, every day is a special occasion. and therefore, i wear my spanx, yes, daily.

i kid you not.


i am fat every day. and so, this isn't rocket surgery (note: nathanism), i wear my spanx every day.

but no more! o the humanity! i felt so fat and yucky today. and someone said "you're starting to show!"

nope ... thats just what i look like underneath the spanx, lady.


NateDee said...

Nikki is the most beautful woman in the whole world times a MILLION, plus infinity squared!! Yesssss...that's a LOT. Spanx or no spanx...you are a HOTTIE!

Ben Dee said...

LOL!!!! This is seriously one of the funniest posts I have ever read!!!! One of my biggest admirations of Nikki is that she's just real....there ain't no faking it with Nikki. Hence the reason she couldn't post until she was allowed to announce her pregnancy; cause Nikki can't lie! We love you, Nikki!!