Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i am still sick and tired ... so forgive me blog for ignoring you. really i still love you and the opportunity you give me to write down really weird things and share them with the world (ie this really weird rant to a nonliving entity)
but, i did just want to share one thing. i love nathans family and i am having some serious arizona withdrawal issues right now. it has been way too long since our last visit. and waiting one more week to get there is like asking me not to eat fresh baked brownies. I JUST CANT DO IT!!! (but, i will)
i really look forward to the time in my life when nathan worries about work, and i worry about play dates with cousins. i am pretty sure that my fabulous little baby is going to love the car. I did - i loved it and so will baby dee. and please, PLEASE (!!!) do not post me any comments on how motherhood really is. because, its going to be what i make it, and im going to MAKE my child love being in the car. i have my ways, blog, i have my ways. ive made nathan love many a thing without him even realizing it.
that being said. if i didnt work i could just get in my car today and go see the az dees and party it up for a week until nathan got there. i could see kellys FABULOUS ring!!! i could get pedis with the girls. and uhm, pretty much love my life.
i mean i love my life now. but that life sounds ... well just a little bit better.


NateDee said...

In other words, "My bum husband needs to get rich fast and quit slacking off!!" :)

Now, I want to know what you have made me love without me even knowing it!?

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Okay, I just saw this, but just feel in love with you all over again and am SOOOO excited to see you guys in February.

That is too funny. Just got a pedi yesterday and totally thought of you. Hope you and my baby niece/nephew are doing wonderfully. And, you are totally right sista... you and that baby will figure out whatever you need to figure out. I took Jayden EVERYWHERE with me, from the day he was born. We make noise when the kids sleep. They adjust.

Get these brownies out of my way!!! Love you!