Tuesday, February 03, 2009

blizzity blog. my peeps have spoken, and they miss my written word.

i have made a list in my head of things i want to post about, which includes:
1) how hard it is to make a baby in your belly (seriously, im so tired)
2) pet peeve: people parking in places they don't belong (i.e handicapped spots and the visitors sections, when i KNOW you WORK HERE!!)
3) anxiety: buying movies at borders
4) how hard it is to make a baby in your belly when you are working (this is very similar to post numero uno)
5) how much i love sacrament meeting
6) my fabulous not-babymoon to the golden nugget (this one would include pictures!!!)

i know. this is a lot of stuff. and my plan was to do some serious blogging last night. but i fell asleep around 7 apparently (note posts 1 and 4). so it obviously didnt get done.

but maybe tonight is the night - no promises blog. i have to do dishes. and make dinner. so perhaps ill be back .... but dont wait up for me.

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Annie said...

I love how you call it "making a baby in your belly." Haha! It IS hard to work and make a baby. I hear ya! It should be getting better for you though...at least it did for me! Not back to normal, but better than the 2nd and 3rd month, for sure. Hopefully you won't be the lucky exception to the rule! :)