Saturday, February 28, 2009

normally, i want to come home and blog about all the bad drivers i met on the road that day. whether it is the lack of a wave, or someone STOPPING in the roundabout (really??? we still havent mastered these, people??). generally its something. driving makes me angry.

but just two days ago, i was leaving for work, and was pulling out of my neighborhood, when someone behind me beeped his horn. he just wanted to tell me my left brake light was out.

seriously? how nice. i gave him the thumbs up that i understood. and went on my merry way.

later that same day: i was at a stop light going back to work from mcdonalds or einsteins or something ... and this lady in a suv in front me did not see the light turn green. she was looking down and doing something. who knows. and i was about to be upset. c'mon lady, i got places to go. right before i did a single short beep to let her know everyone that had been around us was now miles up the road, she realized what was happening and began to go forward. then she ... i kid you not ... gave me the wave. the i am so sorry wave. i waved back and smiled. the, its no problem wave. because once i got her wave, i wasnt upset anymore. we all have our moments.

i just wanted to share with you that i had a really good day on the road a few days ago. but dont expect many more posts like this. because bad drivers really grind my gears, and i am sure to post about that again soon.

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