Saturday, February 28, 2009

theres a baby in my belly

i know ... two pregnancy posts in one day. its sick. but i have to share this conversation with you.

first of all i love my little sister. second of all, she hates it when i call her my "little" sister. since shes the only sister i've got, why not just say, "my sister". because. i like to call her my little sister. the end.

so my little sister called me the other night, and was SO excited to talk to me :o) i felt so special. ps rachel, i still havent told mom and dad what we talked about. i feel so accomplished!!!!
after she finished sharing her big news, she asked how LBJ (aka the baby) is. i told her he is kicking. and sometimes hes like a little karate kid in there giving me some serious blows. and if it catches me off guard, and its a big one, it feels like the very first second on Hollywood Tower of Terror, when the elevator drops you. seriously. thats what it feels like. none of this happy thoughts of butterflies in my tummy. its like a feeling of near death. only to realize youre strapped in and ready. (wow. i guess that must be a metaphor of how i feel about life or something - i am so deep)

i told her i got to go to sunrise hospital with work to tour their facility. and we went into the NICU, and saw lots of little tiny babies. we met one who was born at 27 weeks, and is now 28 weeks - and breathing on her own with out a respirator. shes a star!!! (thats what the nurses call her) anyway, i said to rachel -

i could have LBJ in three weeks, and he would be a real baby!!
(rachel laughs)
no im serious, rachel. i mean its not like hes a blob anymore. theres a real baby in my belly! and he could come out and be a real baby! and be in the hospital and everything!
(rachel thinks this is hilarious - but i am trying to convey my astonishment that once there was a blob in my belly, and now its a real live baby - and so i repeat myself again)

this conversation continues for a better part of 5 minutes. of me mostly just saying, "no really. its like a real baby in there!" and rachel just laughing and saying, "i know"

and now that i am posting this - and i thought i would be able to share this with the world - i am thinking that i am pretty silly too. i really thought i was going to be able to describe in words how i feel. but all i can say is ....

holy smokes. theres a real live baby in my belly!

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Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

I am so glad you found our blog! we are so excited that you are preggers! We really need to get together next time you guys are in az!