Sunday, March 29, 2009

im shakin in my boots

well i went back to a previous post, which listed some things i wanted to blog about - and one of the things was my anxiety. this post would include a funny story about me at borders books.
so i think i will blog it now (and pretend it is the same night that i originally planned to post it). here it goes:

today is groundhogs day! yay! an animal predicts the future - can you believe it? what do you think aliens would think if they came to earth, and found out that we allow an animal that lives in the ground (right? his name has ground in it, so i think that is right) to come out and TELL us whether he saw his shadow or not and therefore predict the next six weeks of weather. answer: aliens would think "this is going to be our easiest invasion ever. these people are idiots!"

none the less - i wanted to watch bill murray relive the day over and over in the movie "groundhog day". it wasnt on tv (say what??) so i was going to have to buy it. i asked nathan to go, but he wouldnt (note: i dont remember why now, because im actually posting this weeks later). so i went to borders. i walked to the movie section, and there was a boy who was stocking the shelves. i was viewing titles, when he said "can i help you find something?" i immediately clammed up, freaked out, shook my head, stuttered, and said "no" - and then ran away to the other side of the store to look at books. i really think i ran. i mulled around, not actually looking at any titles. moved to the audio books section, where i thought about buying some books on tape. finally after maybe 15 minutes the kid was done stocking shelves, so i headed back over. i was able to find my movie, all on my own - and so i paid for it and left.

i think this is a hilarious story, albeit a little sad. since i really do live in fear. i hate going places alone. and i hate it when people talk to me. i really rely on computers/email for most forms of communication. and then, of course, i will complain that world has really lost it sense of the personal touch - yup. im a hypocrite. want to take this to chat room and fight it out??? winner will obviously have mad typing skills, vocab skills, and some awesomely hot wit.

i think that if aliens were to come to earth and find a planet full of me, they would actually take back the time when they said real earth was the easiest invasion ever, and declare that the invasion of my earth was actually the easiest ever. because its really easy to dominate over scared little ladies who will only fight you in an online chat room.

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DeeBoyzMomma said...

Nicole... this is so funny. Seriously. I'm LMAO right now. Oh, and just so you know, some of my girlfriends have now been turned to following your blog because you are friggin hilarious. Anyway, you are not alone in your crazy, non-personal confrontational world of no communication. Believe it or not, I am the same way, just depends on the day.

No worries sista... you could take down an entire army with your mad blogging and written articulation skills. :)