Wednesday, March 11, 2009

please meet ....

our dog nashdee.

have you been formally introduced? not really. so let me take this moment to tell you a little bit about our current "child". mostly this is just an excuse for me to post pictures of the dog :o)

first - he thinks he is human. see exhibit A. this is when we were in colorado camping. apparently sitting in the dirt was too much to ask of this prince. so he moved on up to the picnic table where he could be less dirty/more comfortable/more human-like.

here's a cute one. i thought it would be funny (aka ironic) to have nashdee be an angel for halloweeen. obviously, he did not think this was funny, and begain to untie his halo.

(check out dem pearly whites!)

maybe you dont know why it is ironic? well because nashdee eats anything we leave out. exhibit b. this is a completely destroyed remote control (this was the first of a few) he ate it. it was crazy. see ... all that is left is some plastic and a few rubber numbers. hes tenacious!

his most recent (expensive - we dont count the little stuff) destruction was a 2nd edition copy of the screwtape letters i purchased for nathan when we dating. like i said ... expensive. but look how cute he is. who can stay mad at that?!

hey ... remember that time it snowed in las vegas? crazy right?? well nashdee thought so. these are his "attack and eat" shots.

he asked that i take some more artistic shots of him, so people could see that hes not all crazy. i obliged, and here they are. he is very spoiled and we give him everything he wants. he loves to sit on our laps (and yes you are correct in thinking - but that looks like a big dog!) i think he is in for a rude awakening with LBJ shows up. but we will deal with it as it comes ... for now just look at that cute face!!!

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NateDee said...

Cute is one word for that dog...another is complete frikkin disaster. I say we give him away. :) Anybody want a VERY well mannered and laid back doggy?

To his credit, really, he only eats items that you leave around for him, like oh, I don't know 10 pairs of sandals...he never eats furniture. What a GOOD doggie.