Thursday, March 05, 2009


i am kind of sad today. no good reason, blog. just one of those days.
work has been beyond stressful. and i am so grateful that I get to work one day a week from home now to have some time to myself and recharge.
unfortunately, i dont even have time to recharge. its just been really crazy.
and the honest truth is, there is more work than one person can handle being handed to me.
my boss knows it - but, unfortunately, there really isn't much of a solution right now. so i try to do it all. and when i eventually break down and cry, my coworkers pick up my slack.
like i said - the truth is that it is too much work for one person
but what i feel is - i am a failure for being unable to do my job

this nagging feeling has been growing. and yesterday i told the bossman i couldnt do it all. he quickly sent out an email requesting the help of the staff in other areas while i focused on the number one priority of sold cases.
and that was fabulous.
but today i feel dumb. and down. and then i just want to give up all togther.

in fact ... have you ever played the sims? you are always trying to keep your bars filled. there are 8 categories, i believe. things like hunger, bladder, hygeine, social interaction, and fun. if i dont go to the bathroom, my character pees on the floor. its relatively easy to keep up and get a rhythm going, but every once and while - your fun meter is completely depleted. and you've lost all your friends. and the only way to get to the next level is to have 5 friends and complete some reps on your exercise machine. and i find that when this happens - and there are not enough hours in the day to complete those tasks, and go to work - that i must skip work. and i spend the whole day inviting friends over and socializing. we play on the guitar and sit in the hot tub. and my fun meter goes up. and the people i invited over like me enough to be my friend.
and then i can go back to work the next day refreshed and renewed.

well thats how i feel right now. all my little bars are depleting. and theres not enough time to make them full.

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Annie said...

I'm sorry, sweetie. :( I hope it gets better. Keep your chin up! I know how those days go - I've got a lot of pressure at work, too. Wouldn't it be great to just quit your job and instead, incubate for the next few months, get ready for the baby, and dream about the nursery? I wish. :)