Wednesday, April 22, 2009

free form thought

i started to write a very politically charged blog. but i am very anal. and i would need some time to edit it. get my facts. cite my sources. ( i did well on papers in college ) so on and so forth.
so instead, as i got a little worn out, i just did a little free flow. and i thought, instead, i would share that. take it as you will .... this post was mostly for me to vent. not to enterain.

ms cali
gay marriage
bail outs
the president fired a ceo (i didnt know he worked for that company)
this could be a 10 page paper .... or even 25 really.
thoughts on paper are good.
i am not wrong. my opinion is my opinion, i am not stating it as a fact. it is not e=mc squared
you belong to your opinion. and vice versa. congratulations.
cant we agree to disagree?
i believe in civil rights (i took a deprivation of liberty class, people)
i believe in capitalism
blah blah blah
politics run out of juice
the end.

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