Monday, May 04, 2009

breast is best?

i made a huge announcement last week ... in the confines of my doctors office.

i told nathan long ago, i am not comfortable with breast feeding. its just not my thing. people have been trying to tell me i will feel different when i see LBJ, and that i will want that bonding experience. or that breast is best. all the usual breast feeding arguments. but, really. i dont think this is going to change.

i knew at some point i was going to have to tell my doctor. plus, i needed to know some things - like, do i need to bring formula to the hospital with me? i pictured the nurses at the hospital saying, if you didnt bring formula - and you arent going to breast feed - then your baby will starve while he is here.

im not kidding. i really thought that.

so, at our appointment on thursday, when my doctor asked, yet again, "do you have any questions" (sometimes i think i must not be asking enough questions) - i said, "well. i decided im not going to breast feed. is that, uh, okay?"

and my doctor smiled and said yes. and then said, "can i tell you a secret? i didnt breast feed." I am sure that this fact of her life is not really hidden to those around her. but at the moment i felt like part of some underground secret society of women who are intelligent and still make the choice not to breast feed. it was liberating. i probably wanted to cry (since as i am writing this im getting all teary eyed - dang hormones).

she said, like me, she first felt a little guilty (she could hear it in my voice). but, she wanted her body back after she had her baby. she didnt want to be held back by feedings every 1-2 hours. and her husband was actually the one to tell her that if she really didnt want to, she shouldnt. and so, she didnt.

i left the doctor's office that day feeling wonderful. really. this isnt that big of a deal, i know. but it was momentous for me. and i feel awesome to be part of the super elite formula club that i created in my head.

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Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

you've got to do what you think is best. if you are more comfortable with bottle feeding, than stick with it because a happy mommy makes a happier baby.
i heard something about green cabbage. i am sure you have heard it too, but i know it helps your body reabsorb the milk and makes it so that you are not engorged.

i hope you are getting so excited. it will be love at first site (even if he looks like a monkey like luke did)