Saturday, May 02, 2009

kickin it old skool

i eat fast food almost every day. this is disgusting. i know it. LBJ probably knows it. but, i never remember to make my lunch and bring it in. so mcdonalds generally is what we eat. in addition to this disgusting habit, i eat in the car. "why?", you might ask. because, if i bring my lunch into the workplace and sit at my desk, i end up working. because i am a workaholic. perhaps that is news to you - but its true. so i eat in my car, so i force myself to have one fabulous hour of peace and quiet. i generally bring a book, and read my little heart out in the shady part of our parking lot.

recently, i have found that i am taking my lunch at noon. that is the "lunch hour" per se, but i've never been one to really look to a time to eat. i just eat when i eat. but ever since ive become obessesed with the old school lunch hour on KLUC - ive found myself leaving just in time to listen to the whole hour program. again, you might ask yourself, why?? well, as it turns out ...
i am old.

i said it. i admit it. all those songs they play are those from my childhood. in fact the old school lunch hour is actually still in existence from my childhood. i remember in the summer months, hanging out riding our bikes, going swimming, whatever activity it might be. and someone would inevitable pull out their boom box (yup ... see! im old!) and we would turn on KLUC and listen to the hits. but always at noon, the old school lunch hour would come on - and we would all groan! the music they were playing was nuts! who wants to listen to this late 70s nonsense. we sure didnt. oh how we waited for one o'clock to roll around, so we could start bustin' a move again.

now these days, i am looking forward to the old school lunch hour, because they are playing those summertime hits. do you remember "dont take it personal (just one of dem days)"? monica, people. c'mon. in fact, im listening to it now. 'cause its hot like that.
how about vanilla ice? boyz II men? brandy? ace of base? tlc? salt n pepa (SHOOP!)?

look - i know there are some of you out there nodding your heads. and i know that most of you are looking around to make sure no one sees that you are agreeing.

but we are old, people. and even if we like what we hear on the radio today - nothing can bring us back to the old skool like the old school lunch hour. so, turn it up!

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NateDee said...

PLEASE don't confuse Jacksonian with this "music". Except Ace of Base...e'eryone can get down with that fa sho.