Saturday, May 09, 2009

oh the vapors!

today i had a little scare.

nathan is out of town this weekend for a "boys weekend" at the cabin. and my mum is out of town helping my sister pack up and leave mississippi for good. so my dad and i decided to hang out all day. i had visions of heading to babies r us and buying lots of goodies.

my dad also wanted to buy lots of goodies - but at a different kind of nursery. we headed off to moon nursery to find some "mongo trees" (per my fathers request). we spent quite a bit of time walking up and down aisles of trees. we saw mimosas, ash, elms, magnolias. i saw them in small, medium and mongo sizes. i really had no idea what he was looking for, but i nodded and gave my opinion when it was asked of me. and then finally we asked adam, our salesman to come to dads house and give his opinion on the right type and size of tree that would work for his yard.

this was a very long and drawn out process. i was very tired. but i kept it together. we headed back to the nursery to make final decisions and "tag" our trees. after even more time spent walking up and down aisles of trees - this time we were looking mostly at jacarandas in various sizes - i felt very odd.

i wasnt sure what was happening - but i looked at my dad and said "i think i am going to go sit under that tent and get some shade." i felt like my tongue was tied, and i was trying very hard to not slur my words or seem weird. but as i was about to turn to the tent, i felt incredibly dizzy. o boy did the room spin. and since we werent in a room - thats pretty crazy, eh? i thought, if i dont put myself down, im going to faint. so i dropped to my knees (and enter a four letter expletive here) and tried to regain composure.

i am not sure how someone regains composure while they are in a dress, sitting in the dirt, in 98 degrees of fabulousness hotness among all the people and plants. and so what i am trying to say is .... i didnt. i just looked like a fool. a very fat fool. none the less, i was scared. ive never fainted in my life - and im pretty sure that is what i almost did.

im over it now. im cool. now im just thinking about what a goof i looked like. my dad said i looked like i was taking a knee. it must be all that madden playing that is going on in my house lately. but, hey, it worked.


Annie said...

Hey, girl - you need to take care of you and that baby! No more walking around nurseries for hours on end in the FLIPPIN hot heat! :)

Annie said...

(like I can talk...I'm always pushing myself too hard and then everyone else is yelling at me to rest...)