Tuesday, May 05, 2009

T minus 47 days

there are only 47 day left till June 22. I am not counting. Nathan's got a ticker on his blog .... that i check daily.
i have gained 13 unbelievable pounds. so unless this baby shows up in the next couple weeks - i dont think that i will stick to the "10-15 lb" weight gain i was told i should.
that being said - i think ive done really well. (see how well im doing at being NOT perfect??) most my friends and family have complimented me on my weight gain - and have said its all in my belly. i do look like i have a basketball under my shirt.
also - speaking of 47 days. i am sort of (kind of) (a little bit) freaking out. i have no idea what to expect. i am not looking forward to labor and delivery. what am i going to do with a baby??? there are no words to describe the anxiety i feel as i write this sentence.
we are going to our first child birth class. the class covers the labor and delivery - how to breathe and relax and all that good stuff. plus they are supposed to talk to us about bringing home LBJ.
i just dont know if anything they say is going to curb this feeling i have inside (its like morning sickness all over again)


Annie said...

Don't worry, the prenatal classes are awesome! We both loved them and Talon especially thought they were helpful (I was so relieved because he didn't know a THING about pregnancy, labor, or delivery prior to the class!). You'll learn a lot and it will be great. You can do it!

At the same time, I totally know how you feel. It's a little overwhelming to realize how different eveything will be very soon.

Ben Dee said...

Are you kidding, Nikki?? You'd be weird if you didn't have anxiety! Anyone new parent who doesn't is either delusional or doesn't care. It will be different than anything you've ever done and it will be hard, but you will be AWESOME! Just remember that there is no right or wrong. Depsite what anyone may tell you, there is no right or wrong. As long as you love him and do you best to provide you are doing all you can! We are SOOOO excited for you!