Tuesday, June 30, 2009


as previously posted, i do not breastfeed my baby. i dont know if LBJ knows the difference.

but, i swear ... SWEAR ... i catch him make side long glances as my breasts during feedings. as if to say ... oh how i wish i were latched to that!! (but really who doesnt think that?)

sometimes he tries to get to my breast (through all the layers - i am still trying to stop the milk/engorgment .... thats a whole other post people) when i go to burp him. of course, to no avail. and when i give him his bottle, he seems to be content. until he gives my breast yet another side long glance.

well ... lets just say ... it aint happenin, buddy.


Cindy L. said...

lol!!! Oh how I remember the days!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

That's going to be good practice to keep him on the strait and noarrow in the future. Good Job.