Friday, June 26, 2009

dearest blog. oh how i have neglected you. but i had good reason.

i went and had a baby.

thats way better than "my dog ate all my posts" ... right???


Jackson Thomas Dee

so far, so good. he is practically perfect in every way (he and mary poppins may or may not be related). for example... he knew i needed to blog, so he is sleeping right now. giving me some grown up time. hes just so sweet.

really - he sleeps almost all the time. around 830 or so he gets pretty fussy. and he does that for a while. but other than that couple hours, he is just perfect.

(pause ... i had to put the paci back in his mouth)

nathan wanted some cute pictures of LBJ. apparently up until now we had been taking ugly pictures. weird. hopefully these are cute. if not - i blame the baby. i can only work with what im given, people.


NateDee said...

Cute kid...shady camera work. :) Great job pumpkin.

Annie said...

He REALLY is the CUTEST little thing! I can totally see both you and Nate in him.

Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

Ah, I totally love him and I have never even met him! He is such a good looking little guy. I see a little of each of you in him. Oh I am so excited for your little family. I cannot wait to see you all, so hopefully you are planning a trip down here sometime!

Oh, he is so stinking adorable. Good job Dees!!!