Saturday, July 11, 2009

cooing is for sissies

i am a book learner. my sister likes to frequently point out that i dont have, what they call, "street smarts". i wont debate that here and now. but, know, i have some issues with that statement.

none the less, i fully admit, that when i want to know something, i turn to a book.

i love "how to" books. i especially love indexes! oh, how i love to turn to the back pages (those poor, lonely pages) and find a key word that would help me in my quest to greater knowledge. then i mark that index page with my index (weird!) finger of my right hand, and flip to the first page that has my key word. i scan the page. gather the knowledge. flip back to my saved index page. flip to the next page that has my key word ... and so on and so on. until my thirst is quenched.

lately, as you can imagine, i have been reading books about babies. questions arise like: when can i take him swimming? how soon can i travel with him? when will he do something exciting already??? (note to future LBJ: you are exciting every day of your life. its just that im waiting for a smile. or for you to flip over. you know, something i can write in one of your many baby books)

i have many baby resources that i read. i refer to them all as "the book". whenever i make a statement of fact regarding LBJ, my dad questions, "is that what "the book" says?" to which, of course, i reply in the affirmative.

"the book" says that LBJ should be making noises at us to communicate, such as gurgling, grunting or cooing. LBJ does not coo. and the only time he grunts is when i take away his bottle to burp him. but he definitely is not making any cute cooing noises at me when i talk to him.

i, immediately upon realizing that perhaps my baby is not up to par, told my parents and nathan that "the book" says LBJ should be cooing. and he is not! my mother, seeing the deep concern on my face (and knowing how highly i rely on "the book" for my knowledge) said to me,

"maybe LBJ thinks cooing is for sissies"

and, that my friends, is much better advice than "the book" has ever given me


Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

That is a great story! Cooing is for sissies!

DeeBoyzMomma said...

I love that. Good advice Nikki's Mom! For the record, it took Obi almost a year to smile... I could've def used some good advice. My dad told me... "maybe he just doesn't think you're funny.". Of course I was worried, as this couldn't possibly have been true. :)