Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i am THAT mom

it is one of my biggest pet peeves when someone brings a baby into an adult movie. inevitably, the baby will start crying (maybe its all the gunshots he hears?), and people will start whispering.

that is why, when my sister asked me yet again, to go see harry potter on friday night, i had to decline. i wouldn't be that lady. and even though LBJ is practically perfect in every way, and sleeps through just about anything, i knew, i just knew, if i went to the theater i would regret it.

however, after i got off the phone with rachel, i almost immediately started cying. oh, how i desperately wanted to see harry and his friends! and how i really, really wanted to go out to dinner (instead of our friday night staple - 5$ little caesars).

nathan came home and wanted to know why i was crying. i said some not nice things, which i took back (not that LBJ could hear me - he was sleeping of course).

it is a hard transition - from being out and about to being at home (always!). i had paid some bills earlier that day, and noticed that nathan had frequented some yummy restaurants during the week for lunch (cheesecake factory, olive garden - im not talking fast food here). meanwhile, i had eaten left over sweet and sour meatballs and rice for lunch. now, dont get me wrong, i make a mean sweet and sour meatball - i am still perfecting my rice making skills however. but, none the less, i was not able to go out to lunch, socialize with my work friends, and now! now! i cant go to dinner and movie.

o the humanity!

and yes, i really was this dramatic about it all.

fast forward to saturday night. my family calls again, and invites us to go bowling. bowling! i love bowling. but, i quickly told my dad, that unfortunately we couldnt go. it was close to bath time and bed time. just a note - as i said this to my dad, LBJ was in his carrier, sleeping. do you see the pattern here?

i hung up. and nathan looked at me and asked me if i really wanted to go. of course i did. but i wasnt going to just say it. i had just come to semi-terms with my "stay at home, i am even more lame than before" status the night before. nathan, knowing me, and being a sweetheart told me it would probably be ok to go. and if the bowling alley was too loud for LBJ (it was cosmic bowling night, after all), that we would just leave.

as we walked into the casino (!) at 7pm (!) and walked by all the slots (!), we realized we are those people. the people that we used to look at and say, "what kind of parents ... ?"

well. we are the kind of parents that bowl two games in a cosmic bowling heaven and bring our baby with us.

and LBJ, as usual, slept like a baby.


Cindy L. said...

Good for YOU!!! You will soon find that the little one's can go just about everywhere with you. Don't ever opt to stay home if you can help it. Babies love outings with their parents...and gosh they can really sleep just about anywhere!

DeeBoyzMomma said...

That is fantastic! I used to take Jayden EVERYWHERE with me. We were little globetrotters together. Okay, not really 'globe' trotters... but more like 'city' trotters. :) Seems the more you take them places with you, the more they get used to it. I learned that the hard way with Obi. I opted to stay home more with him, to avoid the hassle and it's taken longer for him to acclimate.