Wednesday, July 29, 2009

im just saying

im obsessed with google analytics.

it tells me i have visitors to my blog.

so i know you're here (i dont know who you are ... but i know youre here).

so, go ahead, comment a little so we can be blog friends. you read mine, ill read yours. its like, you scratch my back and ill scratch yours. which, incidentally, i really need right now. and at 430 am there is no one around to scratch my back. i will probably go rub it against a door jamb, ala baloo in the jungle book.


Kathryn said...

alright alright alright. I will comment! I, Katy Pellegrino, check your blog whenever I have a free moment at work to see if you wrote anything new and funny (I especially loved your post about the radio station that plays 90's music for an hour each day, priceless), or posted any more pictures of that absolutely gorgeous baby. I often laugh out loud at all of your stories (thankfully I have my own office so people don't think im crazy). I've even recommended your blog to friends of mine bc it is just so darn funny and always makes me smile....and miss you!!!!!

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Well, you know I'll always scratch your back. If I would ever find the time to keep up with my blogosphere, you could return the favor. :)