Wednesday, July 01, 2009


oh beloved spanx,

on december 9th i went out into the world without you on. and some lady (who i might mention, got fired not long after this comment) said - "you're starting to show"

long before she said that, i knew how desperately i needed you in my life. without you spanx, i am just a shadow of who i can be. well - really i am just a larger looking version of what i can be.

but, now we've been reunited. just 14 days after giving birth, i donned you once again. allowing a sleeker looking lady to step out to the plant nursery (yes, the same one at which i nearly fainted). after only a little bit - i felt like you were suffocating me (literally).

but today. oh today ... it was like old times. i put you on after my shower. and i wore you all day long. through housework and diaper changes. then through some family pictures, and then a fabulous steak dinner at flemmings (yes, i could wear you, spanx, even through my gluttonous display).

spanx, i am so glad to have you back in my life. how i've missed you.

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Allie C said...

Nikki- We're thrilled to hear that you adore your Spanx! After reading your post, I had to let you know that you don't have to part with your beloved Spanx during pregnancy. We make maternity shapewear that grows with your belly all 9 months. Check them out-

Congrats on the little one!
Allie & the girls at Spanx