Monday, August 17, 2009

birthday wishes

do you know what i asked for, for my birthday?

please dont worry - you havent missed it - its not til mid october

i want a little voice recorder dictation thingee

( i dunno ... this one looks cool)

i want it because i think of funny things to say or funny things to write about. and im ALWAYS away from a pen and paper.

plus wouldnt i look really super cool talking into one of those things? i mean, i definitely would look important.

i could be in the park. or at the grocery store. or in the nursery, at 4 am, when i am feeding lbj. anwhere, people. ANYWHERE!

(ps this is my blog post today, because i couldnt remember any of the funny things i thought i could write about at 4 am - thats my really creative time)


Tyler Ross Salvini said...

haha i love your are the best!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

When I was in Ireland, I hung one of those from my ceiling by a string so it was about 6 inches from my face while laying in bed. Then I put it on the sound-sensitive setting so it would only record when I was talking in my sleep.

It captured some creepy stuff that I immediately erased. It sounded like I was speaking in tongues.

Morgan Green said...

I am guilty of doing this! I have a little Molskine journal a little bigger than a credit card. Everytime I think of anything, I write it down. I feel like a psychiatrist because people always think I'm writing about them...
It sits in a little pocket in my purse with a pen. I have a dictaphone app on my iphone and I've never used it.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Ahahahaha... that's fantastic. BTW, I completely FREAKED out the first two seconds into this entry, because I thought I'd FORGOTTEN your birthday! Thanks for that. Duly noted about the recorder thingy. Will add harrassing Nathan to get you one to my list. :)