Friday, August 28, 2009

the blues

so i have "church hair" (which essentially means a no-style, shoulder length look - thanks to my sister for naming that one), a post-partum body no one would be proud of - and no money to spend on new clothes.

and im supposed to go out tomorrow night for my sisters 21st birthday.

what would someone do in my spot?

cut herself some bangs, of course.

which, by the way, SUCK. and so they will remained pinned back for the next 4-6 weeks in recovery.


Cindy L. said...

HAHAAAAAA! I really love your sense of humor. You make me laugh! My answer to your question of "What would someone do in my spot?", was... borrow something cute from a friend, but cut bangs works too! I'm sorry you don't like them as much as you thought you would :(

The Burtons said...

You crack me up! I'm sorry you don't like the results. That's why I can't have any more babies. I HATE recovering!!!

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Hmm... guess I have 'church hair' too? Great. Another reason why I will NEVER cut my hair again. :) Anyway, I saw the pics that Rach just posted and you look fabulous, as does your hair, as usual.

Taren said...

ugh, that's the worst! I feel your pain. Bangs are a tricky business.