Thursday, August 13, 2009

i learned something new

(this is me ... eating. with my niece and her friend. on catalina.)

lately - im always learning new things. i think that happens when you have babies.

but in this instance - i learned something about nathan.

he eats when he is upset. just like me!

nathan doesnt get upset much. hes just that cool. as a cucumber, if you will.

but we have gone through - or are going through - a very difficult time right now. its lame. and i dont really feel like reliving it through my blog. suffice it to say - things are kinda lame around here lately.

but what does that mean for us? well apparently, it means eating two dinners. nathan came home from work and we cooked us up a fabulous little meal for two. two hours that is. i kid you not. two hours after eating a full on meal, we ate another one.

i wont go into details of what we ate ... but we really did eat two full meals. drowning our sorrows in french toast with bacon and pizza.
(oops ... now you know)

1 comment:

That Chick said...

lol, we've all been there before. eating can obviously be a relief sometimes.

PS-- I'm here as a visitor too! love reading your blog now and then cute and funny :)