Monday, August 24, 2009

smiles and jealously

my dogs apparently are very jealous dogs.

ok, only one dog is a jealous dog.

those of you who know gus gus, know that he is incapable of jealousy. he is the worlds most perfect dog... that will never die... i hope.

that being said - nashdee is a jealous dog.

today he followed me around when i carried lbj from room to room. when i asked lbj to smile, nashdee would run in front of lbj's swing, wag his tail and smile at me (yes, my dog knows how to bare his teeth on command). when i would sing to lbj, nashdee would "sing". that is all i can assume he was doing. he makes this yawning/meow-ing noise. ususally he does it to get our attention when he is hungry. today it was just to make me pry my eyes away from my beautiful baby.

let me say this - i promised my dogs that i would love them the same when lbj arrived. and by all accounts, i have. its just that in addition to the attention i give them (which is the same amount as before), i give, like, a gobazillion more times attention to lbj. for petes sake, he smiles at me now!

honestly, what can you expect??

p.s. i just want to clarify - i still really love my dogs. a lot.

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DeeBoyzMomma said...

Well, Nashdee is just so adorable though! You've def got a dilemma on your hands with all of the cuteness and smiling coming your way that you have to pay attention to. :) I love that dog. He likes to lay his head on my butt. So, I love him.