Friday, August 14, 2009

to - dos

now that i am a "stay-at-home mom" (really? so weird), i find that it is even harder than before to accomplish things during the day.

this not because im busy with my 2 month old. because my two month old doesnt require a lot. he still sleeps a lot. which i love. for those of you not my FB friend, and not able to constantly check my status - he slept in til 10:15 am yesterday. but i digress.

i dont get things accomplished around her because im not making a checklist.

at work, i always had a checklist. something to highlight as my day goes by. i reminder of what i need to do, and what i have done. i always feel good when i get to highlight.

i have some thank you cards to send out. a phone to mail to my mother in law. gus's nails need trimming. im out of formula!! this alone should make me run out to the store immediately. but i find myself dilly-dallying about. knowing that ive premade enough bottles to last through the day. so i can go later. but later turns into 5 pm. and then nathan is home. and then i dont want to leave.

i must - MUST - make a to-do list. i must get into the habit. this is my job now, as nathan loves to frequently remind me.

if i can get my to do list done and highlighted - maybe i'll allow myself some time at the pool.

this job has much better perks than my old job. getting to go to the break room to get some sweet tarts just isnt as good as getting to go to the pool.


NateDee said...

Ha! Thank you for pointing out that I am a tyrant husband who is constantly telling you to "DO YOUR JOB!!" Better do it good or at your next review, I won't give you a raise to nothing.

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Haha! I am blurking still too!!! And I am the same way when I work from home I usually just end up watching a lot of Bravo!

DeeBoyzMomma said...

I knew it! Nathan the Tyrant! Haha. Just playin' Nate Dogg. I totally manage my life with To Do lists. I highlight the ones (at work) that are completed. I have a whole color coded system. I've even caught myself writing down something on my list that's already been completed, just so I could mark it off? Oh no... did I just take that too far?