Saturday, September 19, 2009

most of the time my blog is really light and fluffy. i like light and fluffy, because it gives me a chance to get away from the heaviness life can be sometimes.

however, i do want to share something important with you, blog friends.

lbj had his baby blessing a couple of weeks ago. it was really great. we held the blessing in our home. this made it a little more comfortable for my family, who are not members of our church. in addition, nathan likes things small and intimate - so it worked for him.

my aunt bev and cousin cameron were in town, so they of course joined us. i kid you not, the moment that lbj laid eyes on auntie bev, he started smiling. i felt so good when that happened, and my first thought was, they've met before. in our church, we believe we were spirits before we came to earth. and i always think about who i mightve known before i came here. when i saw lbj light up when he saw bev, i knew he remembered her from the spirit world. what a sweet sight.

after all the introductions, nathan blessed our baby. he did such a good job. and i wrote down the things i could remember him saying. the best part was when he blessed lbj to have patience with his parents (say what? from what i hear, im going to be the one who needs patience in the coming years).

i am so glad to have a worthy priesthood holder as my husband. it was so wonderful to hear the blessing he gave to lbj. i look forward to all the other father-son moments as lbj grows. im so grateful to know that God loves me, my husband, and our baby. that he knows us each individually. and im so grateful for the knowledge (albeit, limited) i have of where we've been, why we are here, and where we are going.


Annie said...

Very sweet. I wanted to bless Eli at home, but for some reason we ended up doing it at church?

Cindy L. said...

What a special day for you and your little family. Love your post. Very inspiring.

The Burtons said...

What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing. We've blest our three kids all at home because of a similair situation, and I LOVE IT and highly recommend it. It is less intimidating and more personal. It's a great way to share something so special with everyone around you.