Wednesday, September 02, 2009

pictures tell a thousand words

i had planned to post some fabulous pictures of LBJ at one month. and i took those pictures and put them on the facebook so my family could see him. but i forgot to post them here.

they were hot. i mean ... as hot as a 1 month old could be.

actually - they were pretty creative here is the most fave of the bunch:

then he turned two months old - and i couldnt think of any creative places/poses/stuff

my juicer hasnt been working, i guess.

but yesterday my mum called, in a huff. apparently it is my job to supply cute photos in an album that grandma can cart around and show off. grandma had a lunch, and she needed pictures - now. so i took a few 2 1/2 month pictures. and emailed them off.

LBJ is smiling now. but not very much when a camera is around my neck. i think he thinks its an alien. in addition, when i ask him to smile - nashdee tries to get all up in my business and smiles. like this:

anyway - heres LBJ in all his glory. hes pretty fab, people. just wanted to remind you.


NateDee said...

Kid is a friggin cute factory!!

St. Julien's said...

what a hunk!! I love that face, i bet you chew on those cheeks. i would. BTW I am also a die hard fan of newsies. I tried to learn those dances, especially jack's solo cowboy jig. jack kelly was one of my first loves...