Monday, October 05, 2009


i love general conference.

what is general conference? it is a time for our leaders to speak to all the members of our church. they give us guidance and reassurance. it happens every six months - and like i read somewhere else - it always seems to be just in time. and you can watch it too ... right here!

nothing that is said is "new". its all the same principles that we should live everyday. i am not perfect. it is good to know that no one is, but that we all strive to be. it is good to have our leaders remind us of what is important and what will bring us happiness. and i need those reminders.

i loved checking the blogs last night, to find so many posts that spoke of the happiness that general conference brings to people. i loved that facebook was littered with status updates regarding conference.

i, too, have some favorite quotes and stories from the days.

i especially loved the story from Elder Nielson recounting his specific prayers for a town in Soviet Union - praying that one day the borders of the Soviet Union would be opened to missionaries. and that after those borders had been opened, his son (unbeknownst to he and his family) would serve part of his mission in that same town he had prayed for years before.

as a painter and someone who sometimes doesnt always see the benefits of the small things - i was especially touched by Elder Bednar's talk comparing each scripture study, family prayer and family home evening as "a brush stoke on the canvas of our souls." each stroke alone seems unimpressive. but like in a painting, together the strokes create a masterpiece .. "so our consistency in doing seemingly small things can lead to significant spiritual results"

and i loved that we were reminded to share our time and talents

"we are responsible for the time and talents God has given us"

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