Thursday, October 01, 2009


have you ever read the personal ads?

im not saying you need to. youve probably found your one and only. and for those of you who havent yet - maybe thats a weird place to meet someone. the newspaper. really? plus, have your read the ads? i find them to be lots of old men ISO young lady friends, or people looking for some quick gratification (if you know what i mean).

my favorites are the "i saw you" ads. i read these always on the metro when i lived in dc.

for example here is a recent one:

"You tall, striking hair with a gray scarf. Me same color hair. Waiting for the 43, we exchanged names - yours was Jenna or similar and I kicked myself all the way home for not having exchanged phone numbers."

i think i secretly wished id be reading them one day and see:

"you - au shirt, jeans and flip flops - in the winter! waiting for the red line - metro center. me - tall dark and handsome. but shy. couldnt get the courage to talk to you after we exchanged smiles. lets meet up?"

or something equally as silly. just because its nice to be noticed.

why am i rambling about this?

because im ISO of something. and im tempted to put out an ad.

maybe ill elaborate. maybe not.

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Katy. said...

I used to read them all the time on craigslist when we lived in DC too!! I know a couple of people who actually were on them and contacted the person. I always wonder if i've ever been a missed connection on craigslist. sigh.