Saturday, October 17, 2009


holly posted a challenge to bloggers out there ... reveal your secrets!

ive been thinking about mine ...

for instance, sometimes i spill formula on the counter top, and i tell myself right after i finish feeding lbj ill mop it up (yes, i dont clean it up immediately). but then ... i forget. and im watching tele, or playing on the ground, or sleeping ... whatever ... and when i come into the kitchen 3 hours later, the formula is all nastified on my countertop.

how about sometimes, im so exhausted at the end of the day - lbj can sleep in his onesie instead of pjs. i probably havent done laundry in over a week on those days - so he doesnt have any pjs anyway (dang! two secrets in one!)

maybe my office looks clean to you ... but open the cabinets just above the computer. you'll be treated to a mass of papers. that i probably dont need. but i insist on keeping. i file things - im really organized. its just that it takes me till the cabinets are overflowing to actually get to the organization of things. im getting due soon for another file making session.

sometimes i lay in bed and pretend to sleep so nathan will get up when the baby starts crying in the morning. eventually i really do fall back asleep. so i dont feel too bad - its like i was sleeping the whole time.

i am almost always late paying my bills. not because i cant pay them. just because i procrastinate.

procrastinate? how? how about i watched teennick all this week (why i divulge this, is beyond me) i watched a marathon of degrassi. and i was really looking forward to the new episode this weekend. and - im really really happy that i can watch degrassi on (how old am i????)

(o yeah. ps. im on FB all day. sometimes while i have lbj in my arms)

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DeeBoyzMomma said...

Ahahahaha.... this is awesome. I was just talking to Chris last night about the 'game' that we play when Obi wakes up in the middle of the night and we both lay there pretending to sleep, hoping and praying that the other will get up. If I just lay there long enough, surely he will get up!!! :) He then told me that he knows nothing about what I was talking about. Apparently, I am the only one that plays this game. He really is sleeping.