Friday, October 09, 2009

what kind of mother?

last night, i made myself a hamburger on the grill. afterwards, i cut the tape on the box of lbj's highchair.

after putting together the high chair, i put lbj inside, and set out all of his toys. wishing and hoping he would reach out and grab them (he should be doing that by now according to the book).

then i put lbj to bed. and i folded laundry.

today, i took the laundry upstairs. but, not until about 4pm.

that is when i found all of his toys on the table. laying peacefully next to a very sharp knife (i know, because i once got stiches because of said knife) and my grill lighter.

in retrospect, i suppose its good that lbj isnt grabbing at things yet.

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Cindy L. said...

That is SO funny! This exact scene in my house of 3 boys would be disastrous!!! I'm glad for your sake that he can't grab thing yet either. *giggle* It won't be long though. Watch out Mama!

The Burtons said...

Hahahaha! Don't worry we've all been there.