Wednesday, November 18, 2009

blizzity bloggin

do you know that i follow over 50 blogs?

its sick - my obsession with blogs.

just last weekend jordan and kaitlynn stayed with us (buy jordans new christmas cd here. its amazing. dont say i didnt tell you).

while using the computer, jordan mentioned (while casual in its delivery, i could tell he was shocked) that i have a lot of blogs in my favorites. in addition to the ones that i "follow" i have blogs that i just mark and go to from my sidebar. im not sure why i have done this. but it is nice for one reason. i came home from a 5 day vacation to the AZ - and i had 89 unread items in my google reader. really? you want me to sit down and read all those. i hate to say it - but some of those were never read. im sorry if i missed your most recent visit to the bird sanctuary, where you took some really rad photos of your kids and birds alike. (no, really i am sorry)

i digress ... i just read the "why i'm still single" newest post. and someone made a comment about how shes getting a lil uppity (that is totally my word, my interpretation) - he made the comment that her blog is now all about how wonderful she is and how so many people want to date her.

i, of course, commented saying that was just fine. im wonderful. and i write about it. so that way you, too, can know of my wonderfulness. since i rarely see people in real life, how else would you know that im fabulous?

are we a people obsessed with seeing the worst in others? is reading someones sad story just the morphed bully who puts people down to make themselves feel better? look, dont get me wrong. i love a good cat fight (read callie ann and chloes rivaling blogs) .. but at the end of the day - i love a good laugh. a good story. a real story. so like i told SS -

tell it how it is, sistah.
ps i just went to go to chloes blog. shes gone private in the last day or two. i guess ill have to find somewhere else to get my drama.


CaLLie.ANN said...

Glad I could supply you with the drama for a while. Sorry it had to end. :)

...P.S. I have a LOT more great stories about her and Sean that I have been too afraid to publish. The drama doesn't have to end....

Chlo: said...
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Chlo: said...

It's not private anymore. I don't have a "rivalry" with Callie. Never have. I will never have a blog about her, but if you want to still read mine, great! :)