Monday, November 23, 2009

my dog is my mop

lbj is now into his 5th month. its crazy. i know. im livin' it.
after successfully eating a variety of grains (wheat, rice, oats ... whatever colored box i didnt have before, i bought, just to make sure i went through them all), lbj has moved on to veggies.

he has tried sweet potatoes, carrots, regular (fabulous) mashed potatoes, and peas. it seems peas are his favorites. and he doesnt like sweet potatoes (neither do we).

today we had peas and carrots for lunch. while he was taking breaks between bites (the book says to do that, so he learns healthy eating habits), i was putting carrots and sweet potatoes into a lil frozen teething thingee. when i snapped it closed, this happened:

(please note: it is not only on my chest, but on my sleeve. and the other sleeve you cant see. i dont like pureed foods. this was really nasty for me)

i left the highchair and went to the sink. within seconds - i hear a clatter. behold:
(wheres your bowl, lbj?)

(uh oh)

(why didnt i put down that sesame street food mat?)

good thing i have a dog. nashdee was very helpful in the cleanup.

i made a new bowl, and we finished lunch.

as nashdee patiently waited for more peas and carrots.

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