Thursday, November 05, 2009

wanna know whats in this bag?

usually i go out on christmas eve to shop for my family. but this year i am a) poor and b) have a baby (im pretty sure that these are mutually inclusive).

nathan told me i couldnt spend more than 5$ per toy for lbj. you know - 'cause lbj is a baby, and he doesnt care what we give him or what we spend.

i figure if i spread out my shopping over the next month and half, then the money wont seem bad. plus, i wont spend christmas eve crying because i spent money i didnt have (or i had, but was saving for when my air conditioner goes out next summer).

no one wants to cry on christmas eve. especially me. im just sayin'.

ps i had lbj with me while shopping. so i tested the toys out on him. if he smiled at a toy - it will be under the tree come christmas. dont judge me. he wont remember.

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Cindy L. said...

use about 2 cups of chopped chicken and yes your supposed to cook the veggies on medium heat until tender.