Monday, January 04, 2010

new year ... bigger and better

wow. did i fall behind at the end of 2009 or what? 

but its a new year. with a fresh start.

that means better blogging. and better church attendance.

church is at 9 am now.  way easier to make it to 9 am church than one pm. one pm is nap time.  the middle of nap time. and lbj is a one nap a day baby. so i dont really like disturbing that nap time.  in addition, by 1230 in the afternoon im in no mood to get all dressed up and go to church. thats the honest truth. i know, im such a bad person. but im just coming clean.  it seems thats necessary for fresh starts. im just sayin.

like i said, though, 2010 is going to bring on bigger and better things. like, better blogging. here on this blog. and on that blog.  my weight loss blog.  i know, i know. i did a "weightloss" blog two years ago.  blah blah blah. but this one is new. and better. and im doing it with my sister. shes funny too.  we are going to motivate each other from far away via the same blog.

you should come motivate us too. with awesome commenting skills (that i know you have. just use those skills, people).

what else will happen in 2010?  probably a lot of things. i mean it is 12 months after all. last year i was pregnant and had a baby. and he turned 6 months. and started crawling. and pulling himself into a standing position.

say what??? he is only 6 months old and wanting to stand. people. im not ready for this. my book says that happens around 9 months. i plan my life around "the book", as you know.

so maybe in 2010 i wont read "the book" so much anymore. 

ha ha ha

yes i will. dont kid yourself.

also in 2010 im protecting my house.  or i guess protecting lbj from the house.  i put the electric socket thingees in the wall this morning. and then went to start putting the latches on the cabinet doors. but i open the pack and what do i see, but this:

im sorry. screws?  im going to have to work at this?  i really dont like work. especially manual labor work.  and yes. if i have to use a screw driver, hammer, or anything like that - its manual labor. and yes that means hanging a picture is manual labor.  (i might be exaggerating on my hate of these things. but its not likely)

i guess 2010 means more work. ugh.

in 2009 i made homemade baby food for lbj. dang! im such a good mom.  so bigger and better means in 2010 ill start making homemade dinners for nathan and myself again (yet another thing that started going to the wayside at the end of the year)

in 2009 i had cleaning ladies. then i quit my "real" job. so i was my own cleaning lady.  this also meant we had a very messy home at the end of 2009.  2010 means clean house! 

you know, i feel like im taking a lot on. i think that maybe, just maybe, ill make a resolution to make a little extra money this year and just hire back the cleaning ladies.  im just saying. i dont want to overwhelm myself. you know?

heres to a happy and healthy new year to all my little readers. 

ps. 2010 will also have me finding the spell check button in blogger.  where the heck did it go?


Chloe said...

I love this :) Homemade baby food? Mom of the year award goes to... you :)

I sure wish I knew where that darn spell checker went too. :P

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Happy New Year! You are going to have a busy year!! I agree with the comment above homemade baby food= mom of the year.