Wednesday, February 17, 2010

thank you ...

thanks to all my friends for giving me encouraging words today.  it made me cry. i appreciate it. tons.

ps. even if we have never met, we are pretty much best friends now. just fyi.

and its true. im a pretty good mum.  i mean - check out this pic. i let lbj watch the dogs outside through a nasty glass door.  with his pjs unbuttoned.  the freedom he must feel!!

:o) thanks again everyone :o)


Annie said...

So glad it lifted you up. You ARE a good mama. :)

And....OH. MY. GOODNESS. His chubby cheeks are to DIE for! He is a doll! More pictures - please, please!

Annie said...

Hi Nikki! It was so easy (though admittedly time-consuming) making Eli's letters. I got the letters from JoAnns - paper mache/cardboard type material. (These are the ONLY letters I found that I liked out of all the craft/baby/boutique stores in practically the whole planet it felt like...well, besides PBkids, but who really wants to pay $8 a letter plus shipping!?) I picked out scrapbook paper in colors/patterns I liked and that matched the nursery, turned each letter upside down and placed it over the "wrong" side of the paper, traced the letter with a pencil, used a scrapbook paper cutter to cut the traced letter out (for the straight edges at least...on the "J" I had to do it by hand obviously), and then used glue to glue it on the letter! Does that make sense? Easy peasy. Then I used the leftover scraps from the letter fronts to cut out long strips in contrasting colors that I glued along the sides.

If you do it though, here's a tip: on my letters, the edges weren't super sharp, so I couldn't get the paper to fit right against the corner. So, when I cut the traced shapes out, I cut a little bit INSIDE of the lines that I'd traced (about 3 mm) so that when I glued it on the letter, the paper was about 1 mm from the edge. This took some trial, error, and trimming, but I was just patient and it paid off!