Friday, March 19, 2010


thank goodness its friday, right?

aye aye aye

lbj is under the desk.  he keeps bumping his head - lightly - then screaming.  really hes ready for nap. but im trying to go a few more minutes, as i have work to accomplish today, along with conference calls to get on - and what not.  and i need him napping through the conference calls.

couple things ... i weighed myself this morning, and i am into the 160s, which i havent been there in like 3 years. so thats hot.

also, its friday, so we always go out to dinner with my parents on friday. so im so looking forward to that.

i am just writing this blog to waste time before putting lbj down, since i need him asleep during my conference call, i need him to go down to nap at a certain time.

i think i can give in now.

:o) yay friday!!

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The Burtons said...

Your parents take you out to dinner every friday night?! Lucky!!!!!

P.S. I LIKE your blog. I've been out of blogging commission, but I've been looking forward to checking your out!