Saturday, May 01, 2010

dear old blog

maybe you are wondering what happened to me, blog?

maybe not.

i've been using my creative juices in other areas.  i finished a painting for my sister-in-law, debbie.
then i did one for my sister-in-law kim.  now im working on rachel's HUGE piece.  its 60x30.  its the biggest i've done in quite some time, fa sho.  im waiting for a couple of canvases to arrive from dickblick this week.

nathan and i went to the summerlin art walk last week.  ive just really been feeling my painting-ness (yeah. i just made that up) coming back. so i looked into getting in on the fall summerlin art thingee.  it is, first of all, juried. of course.  so, i'd have to be picked. which - thats kind of unlikely anyway.  but second, if you do get juried in, the booth is about $350.  i just dont have that kind of money.

it was a nice thought.  you know.  give myself a goal or whatevs.

but instead im going to try and teach lbj how to point to body parts. does your baby do that?  probably.  mine doesnt.  but, goals can be achieved! (thats what i keep telling myself)

also - ill be learning some kind of hiphop dance - because while i have lost 22lbs.  i am pretty sure that i am not going to lose another 14lbs before i get to idaho.  and my "punishment" for not losing my goal lbs, is i have to do a dance for the family. and completely and totally embarrass myself. so get ready, dees.  its on!
(this is a situation where goals were NOT achieved.  but its cool. right?)

i could play catchup with you now blizzityblog.  but probably, ill just try and keep writing pretending like i never stopped.  its like when people fight.  and then one of them tells a joke to try and lighten the mood.  and they both laugh.  and then the night continues like the argument never happened.  that doesnt happen in my house. you know, because im a grudge holder.  but i bet it happens.  somewhere.  out there.

ps.  two things to tell you about lbj - one) when he gets up in the morning or from his nap, his hair is always all pushed forward on the sides with swoopy bangs.  just like justin bieber.  so we've started calling him "the biebs" sometimes.  it kinda sounds like "the beav"  and that makes me laugh.  it really is no wonder he has trouble knowing what his name is.  two) if he had a theme song, it would be "break your heart" by taio cruz ft. ludacris.  im just sayin - he's a heart breaka.  and he knows it!

(really.. am i still typing?  its time to end this post. thanks blog, for always being there.)

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St. Julien's said...

Maybe your blog wasn't wondering where you went but I was. I didn't know you painted!? So cool, you should have posted some pics of your paintings. Your post are great Nikki they always make me GRIN.