Tuesday, May 04, 2010

im a nerd - nathans a male pig

something you  may or may not know about me is i love sci-fi stuff.  especially star trek and star wars.
in fact i have the star trek 9-movie series box set on my amazon wish list (should anyone be interested - my birthday is in october).

yesterday i watched 4 TNG (the next generation, c'mon) episodes in row.  LOVE IT.  the last episode had a character - a betazoid - who looked very familiar to me.  so i remembered his name, and googled it later.
(turns out he was on a few episodes of seinfeld)

whats a betazoid!?  oh you silly blog.  do you remember deanna troi? shes the counselor on the enterprise. when i see her, all i see big frizzy curly hair.  shes half human, half betazoid.  nathan's response?  "well, she ALL hot!"  i forgot to mention she also has plunging necklines.  hmph.

listen, commander worf is paralyzed from the waist down and wants to kill himself - so i've got to get back to this episode (and the 6 that come after this ... TNG marathon!!!!)

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