Saturday, May 29, 2010

the lioness and her brother-in-law's cub

i am, as you know, not a parent to a teenager.

when i've previously daydreamed about parenthood, it did not include the teenage years.
it was all pretty pink or pale blue ... lots of cooing and then some toddling. on to when they are about 5. and think im just about the coolest person on the planet.  and then pretty much all of my day dreaming centered around that.  
me. being cool. and then children acknowledging my coolness. 

tonight my 16 year old niece told me she has a boyfriend. actually, what happened was me saying "so.   ... youre in a relationship"  quoting her recent facebook relationship status.  she said, "yupp".  just like that.  it sounded like she said, "aint no thang, aunt nikki."  except 1) she never calls me "aunt"  and 2) she would probably never say that sentence has it has a serious late nineties ring to it.  

throughout the conversation, i could feel myself feeling more and more ... you know.  no, cmon, you know what im talking about.  that feeling.  no?  well i couldnt put my finger on that feeling either. i kept saying, "its like im nervous. but not really"

but my sister in law says - "youre feeling that motherly protectiveness".  what?  i dont even know what that means.  the worst thing im protecting lbj from is the stairs.  and i dont feel anxiety about that.  mostly just frustration that despite all my NO-ing, he still climbs them.  plus, im not her mother. im just a lady who visits from time to time. 

well.  who knows. im going to meet this character on monday.  and if he doesnt meet my standards (which are much higher than they were when i was dating at 16, fyi) - then we'll have issues.  and if he breaks my nieces lil heart - well, this is a clean, family friendly blog, so i cant tell you the things i'd do.

what was that about being protective???


I'm Annie. said...

You need to post more often. Really. I am always so amused...seriously good writing on this blog.

Isn't it so weird to imagine having a teenager? I'm with you. I never got beyond the age of 5 in my imaginings...they're just not as cute after that. Haha! Hopefully I'll feel differently about my own...

NateDee said...

Is it just me, or is my wife the funniest blogger pretty much ever?

DeeBoyzMomma said...

I love this. I love you. You are awesome and I miss you.
So with you. I'm glad I have boys (knock on wood).