Thursday, May 13, 2010

you've got trash

i have the best garbage men.  i frequently forget to put out my can, hear their truck - and have to run it out to the curb as they pass my house by.  just a couple of weeks ago, i was doing this exact thing, as the truck swung around the cul-de-sac.  the driver pointed to the opposite curb, and so i ran my garbage across the street.  i had left lbj in the house - so i went back in to get him all ready for a day of errands. 

as i walked back out to my garage - anticipating the oh so very long walk across the street to retrieve my can - i saw that my fabulous garbage men dragged the container back to my house and INTO my garage.  not the curb. not the driveway.  in the garage.  this may not seem that big to you.  but its just one of those things, they clearly have no responsibility to do, and yet, went out of their way to do it.

as i drove by them on my way out of the neighborhood, i opened my window and yelled my thanks.  the driver waved, and the collector said, "no problem, beautiful".  (it must be because i've lost 20+ lbs.)

as lbj and i were taking a morning walk - on a tuesday or friday - i looked at everyones garbage on the curb.  i know the family that lives half way down the block LOVES corona.  i know that my next door neighbor shops at costco or sam's based on the random cardboard boxes he always puts out.  and i know what brand of dog food some of my neighbors use. what do your garbage men know about you?

i am sure that mine know - even without running into me on the street - that we had a baby. we were putting out garbage only once a week.  and then suddenly we were putting out HUGE boxes.  ones with pictures of cribs, highchairs and swings on them.  dead giveaway we were expecting.  then we started throwing away big blue diaper-genie bags full of nasty smells.  hmph, looks like the baby arrived.

im sure they knew we bought a new tele.  and all the presents my kid got for christmas that came in boxes.  
or that we went on a binge of eating little caesar's pizza once a week for weeks!

and, so, now it seems my trash has created this odd connection between me and my garbage men.  one where they know a lot about me. and they think im beautiful (yes, i just wanted to work that in, one more time), and so they do nice things for me. its actually kind of nice and refreshing. 

what does your trash do for you?


NateDee said...

HA! What can I say about that post but that? You are a funny person Nikki.

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Hahha that's too funny. I live in the city so we all put our trash in the same place, which is much less exciting!

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

i think you are hilarious and i can't wait to see you guys some time this week.